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The Quintessential 1980’s


I was and still am, the quintessential 1980’s kid/teen. For some, inherent reason, I thrive on anything 80’s….I guess you could say it takes me back to a simpler time in life when
we as kids/teens did not have much to worry about. In 1980 I was finishing first grade, and by the fall 1989 I was entering my sophomore year in high school. That’s why I am the quintessential 80’s kid/teen. I remember EVERYTHING! And, I have finally found my nostalgic nitch.

When I think of the 1980’s, my brain gets SO excited and every damn memory floods in all at once; you can liken it to herding squirrels in my head! So, let this first blog entry be an introduction to me, and how I wound up here, writing a blog about the totally awesome 80’s. I am that unique person who remembers people, places, music..etc. as if it were yesterday (as long as its related to the 1980’s and of course the younger childhood memories of the 1970’s).

After many years as a career counselor, I decided to take my own advice and follow another passion and dream…. collecting and selling vintage items. I own the Melamine Cup, a vintage store in Jaffrey, NH that specializes in 1950’s through 1980’s which just celebrated its 5​th​ anniversary. And, I also LOVE to write, and do so for a local newspaper supplement once a month. Put that all together, and you have my excitement, passion and enthusiasm for this next venture that TOTALLY compliments who I am.

If you see me on any given day you will see my wild vintage sweaters, blue eyeliner and feathered hair; oh yes, and lipstick. The joke with all my friends and customers is that I might be one of the select few who can pull of an 80’s look successfully every single day
of the week without anyone looking twice! I’ve succeeded unknowingly, to set myself apart. I am also, one of those people who kept most everything from their childhood/teen years (not in a hoarding way). Currently, you can look around my bedroom and see anything from a Monchhichi to a Breakfast Club poster and almost anything in between. Hold on while you take this wild 80’s ride with me! I look forward to bringing a smile to your face and taking you back to those old school days. Stay tuned; I have so much to reminisce about!