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The Phone…!


The struggle was real, and our kiddos will never know it. What I am referring to is the old school phones…the ones with cords…home phones and pay phones! This topic is one of those things that we all have a million references, memories and stories to talk about.

I am not even sure where to begin!? We all learned at an early age how to use the phone, NOT a cell  phone. Do you remember sitting next to the phone for HOURS and waiting for someone to call? Do you remember dialing the phone for HOURS trying to buy concert tickets? Do you remember the phone ringing and you’d never know who it was and they were NOT spam calls. Calgon, take me back to a simpler day!

My parents lived between two small towns in New Hampshire while I was growing up. A few days here, a few days there…you get it. While at my dad’s, the phone constantly would get a crossed line with someone else in town…and weirdly enough, many times it was with my girlfriend Michelle downtown…her conversation and mine mixed and crossed. So funny.  At my mom’s in the next town over, half of the town was long distance (can you believe that?!). They had a 588 and us a 547…those in the 547 could dial just the last four of the number to reach someone, but to reach someone in the 588 a mile or two up the street, you’d have to dial 588, and it was a toll call! So strange! But, what if I remembered my first kisses phone number in another town…6780 or my best friend in my town 6896…I am that person.

My very favorite phone I ever had was a yellow “donut” phone right after I got my own phone in my room, I was perhaps 10 (83′).  After that, I have no idea where that phone went. But, I got an old school rotary replacement for it…I’d stay up wayyyy beyond my bedtime to talk on it. And, I still have that beige rotary phone to this day, in my living room…covered with nail polish, rock bands names and old boyfriends names. #1980’s.

Think back to the payphone. It wasn’t just a payphone…it was a lifeline to a kid without a watch “operator, can I have the correct time?”…It was a place you looked for change and a place you you made a collect call in times of desperation “Will you accept this collect call from……?”

And, a phone book!? What’s that!?  Back in the day…the phone book was your lifeline to any place, any city and any person. If you wanted to know what movies were playing you called the cinema from the phone book and listened to the recording of the weekly movies…and IF you called halfway through the recording, you HAD to wait and keep listening. In the mid 90’s, my first full time job out of college, I had have a pager; but, I STILL had to find a landline to call from. How far we’ve come…

I’ll tell you one secret…I still have a vintage princess phone at my store. I have NO idea who is calling, ever. Those were the days…… Please LIKE The Melamine Cup on Facebook for all cool things 1950’s-80’s.