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The Goonies?


You have no idea how excited I am about starting this blog…or, perhaps you do know…perhaps you know me, or can totally feel my crazy 80’s energy. Its a Thursday night in my house. All three of my kiddos are home; ages 8, 12 and 17 (cusp of 18). And, The Goonies is on TV. Yup, one of my FAVORITE 80’s movies. All of my kids know this movie oh too well!

I had such a CRUSH on both Corey Feldman and Sean Astin. They were the bomb; one innocent and cute and one slightly conniving and elusive. As I am in the kitchen tonight cooking banana bread (my favorite baked good to make), I hear that particular musical score that plays when they are in the kitchen/dining room of the abandoned restaurant…its a magical score. Its so the 1980’s and the “truffle shuffle” encapsulated into one. Babe E Ruth? Absolutely atrocious care of their brother; but we didn’t know it at the time; we just all loved Sloth for what a cool dude he was.

Fast forward to 2016 and the Netflix series Stranger Things was released. Amazing! Talk about whisking you away back to the 1980’s, the clothing, bikes and all relevant colloquialisms (us 80’s kids know them)….a mix of the Goonies and Dungeons & Dragons. I have never been as captivated by a TV series as I was with both season 1 & 2 of Stranger Things. And yes, I do HAVE a Stranger Things poster on my bedroom wall, too! Absolutely, no joke. I am that crazy 80’s lady.

Fast forward 24 hours later, I wanted to keep writing last night and this morning, but “adulthood called”….can you relate? I left the house at 6:50 am this morning; driving kids to school…turning the heat on at my store. It’s now 6:54 pm the next time I can write (welcoming hopefully one hour of free time before I fall asleep). Why didn’t they teach us about adulthood growing up? Laugh out loud…yes, there SHOULD have been a class! Let’s move back to this morning. I visit my local VP gas station for organic green tea (yes, I said that)…but, they have the BEST music playing. 80’s music as loud as you can imagine in a convenience store. The store clerks are dancing around, I hear them singing…I find myself almost dancing as I get my “organic green tea”….you get my point. Being whisked away to the 80’s is just as simple as getting that cup of tea. That’s how powerful it was/is…who understands this? I know, I am NOT the only one.

Side-note, every time I am writing something, I am listening to 80’s on 8 on Sirius. I am closing with Sheila E. The Glamorous Life. I’m dancing in my seat unbenounced to me…the powerful 1980’s! See you soon! I have SO much to talk about!!!